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Providing You with an Educational Experience

Owner and home inspector, Salvatore Settepani takes pride in educating home buyers about their future dwelling. Helping people comes naturally to Salvatore, and he loves protecting his clients by letting them know the true condition of the property they’re interested in purchasing.

When you chose Sevens Inspection Services, you’ll get much more than just a basic home inspection; you’ll get an education about the most vital areas of your home. Be sure to join Salvatore for the property walkthrough to truly take advantage of this opportunity.


ASHI Certified Home Inspector Sal Settepani

Home Inspector Credentials

Salvatore has owned a property management company for more than 10 years. This gives him invaluable knowledge about residential buildings. He combines this with his background in trade carpentry and home inspector education to provide high-quality results you can trust. His home inspector credentials include:

  • NY Home Inspector License #160000103064    
  • NJ Home Inspector License #24GI00191200
  • ASHI Certified Inspector #267100
  • InterNachi Certified Inspector # NACHI19102904
  • FAA UAS DRONE Remote Pilot LICENSE #4352784
  • NY MOLD Assessment License #NY 01494
  • NY ASBESTOS Assessment License #NY 20-04296
  • Lead Assessment Certified
  • IAC2 Mold Certified  #IAC2-20-2594
  • DCA NYS #2093846-DCA
  • OSHA 30 Certified
  • Commercial Building Inspector Certification
  • Carries Errors & Omissions/General Liability Insurance

Certifications acquired through InterNACHI home inspector training
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NJ Academy
HomeAdvisor Screened Pro
Infrared Certified
Safe workplace
Drone Pilot

Salvatore Cares About the Needs of Every Client

Delivering high-quality service and customer care are at the top of Salvatore’s priorities list. He understands that many buyers are unaware of the numerous regular maintenance tasks and special care that are required to keep a house in great shape. Therefore, he’ll happily answer any of your questions, along with giving you vital insight into the step-by-step details of homeownership. 

10+ Years Spent Working with Properties

Between owning his own property management company and working as a trade carpenter and supervisor, Salvatore has gained 10+ years of property experience. Performing apartment inspections/punch lists trained his eye to spot issues that most people would miss. He will put this detailed approach to work for you during your home or commercial building inspection.

Home Inspector helping First Time Home Buyers
Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Home Inspector Tools

The Best Tools for Your Inspection

Ensuring you receive a highly accurate inspection report takes more than just an experienced eye. It also requires the right tool for each part of the job. Salvatore spares no expense when it comes to maintaining some of the industry’s most trusted tools, including:

Thermal Imaging – For an additional fee, your home can be scanned with thermal imaging. This tool can find sources of energy loss, moisture, and insulation issues.

Aerial Drone Photography – The newest addition to Sevens Inspection Services will soon be flying through the air over roofs in New York and New Jersey. This is a fantastic way to get a close look at a roof from the ground.

360-Degree Camera – While attached to a telescopic pole, this high-tech camera captures images in some of the hardest to reach places, including crawlspaces.

Moisture Meter – This tool makes it easy to find areas of the home that attract moisture and mold.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Because it has the potential to be deadly and can’t be detected otherwise, Salvatore always uses this tool to look for carbon monoxide in the home.

Gas Leak Detector – Small gas leaks often go unnoticed until they’ve gotten way out of hand. You can avoid that problem by having Salvatore check for any existing gas leaks.

Behind the Scenes

Salvatore loves being a home inspector. He also enjoys learning something new every day, creating art out of any material that’s given to him, and driving fast cars and bikes.

Our Service Area

Sevens Inspection Services is pleased to offer home and commercial inspections throughout New York State, New York City, and New Jersey.

NYS Home Inspector License - #160000103064

NJS Home Inspector License - #24GI00191200

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